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JnB Homecare.

Dedicated to Providing the Best In-Home Health Care.

Our journey to progress...


   JnB Homecare Services Ltd. was formed and shaped by moments of inspiration, perseverance, courage and by the strength vested into two compassionate souls willing to share their expertise and specialize skills to provide services in medical fields and to support individuals who are in needs of care. JnB Workers was the original company name, was founded in Kelowna in 2008 to develop employment opportunities within the Okanagan Valley, and at the same time offered job opportunities outside Canada through CIC, live-in caregiver program to those who are willing to work and join our team to share our values and missions, to support Canadian citizens who are in needs for live-in caregivers, and provide locally hired skilled workers to support individual with disability to promote health, to help them on their daily living activities in their own homes, provide services for elderly needing companionship and assisted living post-rehabilitation program and childcare and housekeeping. Services are planned around what the individual wants and interests to have a Quality of Life. We hired for fit based on personality and values, not qualifications.


   Since our company was expanding and additional resources and networking are now available to support individuals with disabilities, post-rehabilitation who acquired brain injury and traumatic injuries needing help into their homes and additional services now included supporting CLBC respites individuals with developmental disabilities. Those services mainly provided within the community care home. BnJ Workers was changed to JnB Homecare services in July 2016. We expanded our care home community contracts the entire Kelowna and hired staff on forced.

Better Care Starts with You!
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