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Assisting the Elder

JnB Homecare Services Ltd. -  our utmost care is for your safety and well-being.

About us...


Meet Our Leadership Team:


Jenny Carpio – Executive Director

Flordeliza Rodil – Director of Finance

Our Mission:

To have Quality of Life.

We believe working together as a team with the service providers and employees builds awareness and contribute to achieving goals that result in success in promoting, protecting, and advancing the highest quality of health care in every home we serve.


Our Vision:


Guided by JnB HomeCare Services’ purpose of care and commitment to cleanliness protocols to protect the health and safety of the people to have a quality of life:


Health Support Care:

  • We envision to be the “Preferred Home Health Provider in Central Okanagan.

  • We envision being “Recognized with our Exceptional Care”.

  • We envision equipping individuals to live, learn, and integrate into their communities in a healthy and meaningful way by delivering high-quality services and programs focusing on social, emotional, and physical well-being.

  • We strive to be an Employer of Choice in Kelowna.


Cleaning Industry:

  • We strive to become the Leading Cleaning Service Provider in Central Okanagan.

  • We aim to be the Supplier of Choice across the Province.

  • We aim to offer True Value for Money on all the services we offer.


Our Core Values:


JnB HomeCare Services' philosophical approach to providing services fundamentally evolves around our values of:

Benevolence – We desire to do and show kindness and goodwill, we serve according to our generous heart, and individuals we serve their needs come first.

Respect – We value our dignity, our rights, and our culture, we respect, and value every person as unique.

Excellence – We strive to provide quality care, despite unpredictability, and complexity of care, as this positively motivates and inspires us to do great things.

Accessibility – We are guided by our strength, and resourcefulness, and are willing to learn and open new ways of understanding, and listening to feedback. We dare face challenges and stretch ourselves to provide services for the quality of life.

Teamwork – We are united to stand firm to support our individuals to meet quality services, through teamwork that builds trust, helping each other to succeed. Inculcating joy in the hearts of others, and all those working together to create a better life and rewarding career.

Holistic – We value our services and the individuals served taking into consideration the whole person, and all aspects of perception that creates complexity in life, we problem solving with thoughtful consideration.

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