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Assisting the Elder

JnB Homecare Services Ltd. -  provides companionship, residential staffed care home and home share providers programs. .

About us...


   May 2018, JnB Homecare Services, was incorporated to JnB Homecare Services Ltd., started building a care home at 1059 Clement Avenue, Kelowna BC ,under the construction company, Onelove HomeServices, owned and operated by Brenton Morgan, following the City Hall licensing by Laws ,with the coordination of the fire department, mainly   focused on the definition of creating a Minor Community Care Home , Provincial Licensing for community care application was already on process. This home will focus on providing services to the individual with developmental disabilities CLBC funded an individual with complex care private funded, individual who recovered from post-rehabilitation transitions due to acquired brain injury and individual with sustained traumatic brain injury, post-rehabilitation program, respite emergency move in by CISIL funded individual with disability. Meanwhile JnB Homecare Services Ltd consistently providing services outside the community, continuation of contracts in providing care to their homes and at the same time the company created a training programs and continuing education to uplift professionally hired staffs, frontline care workers, and promoting job opportunities to those who are willing to join our values, mission and cultures,and willing to learn, and share their skills and knowledge in promoting health and safety to the individuals we serve.

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